Julia Goddard


I grew up in a small village in Wales, there we lived around a farm. I would find areas to play around the farm and get to know the farmers horse, cows and sheep and they became my playmates. I made friends easily with animals and they became very tame and enjoyed being around me. I had a number of pets from the age of 7 from goldfish to rabbits, guinea pigs, canaries, budgies, dogs and cats. I was very interested in wildlife too. Animals are my passion and I strive to fulfil their needs and keep them happy. A Happy dog is a good day! A satisfied cat is a result! A comfortable Rabbit is fulfilment.

I am a professional and fully insured and DBS checked sitter & dog walker, with thirty years experience in pet care.



  • Fully Insured Cliverton Dog Insurance
  • DBS Check
  • Professional Invoicing and Dog/Sitters Contract



Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fish and Birds including Chicken, Sheep and Cows.

Professional care for your pet


With a good working knowledge and past history of animals, your pet is in the right hands and I will do my best to produce satisfactory results and invoice professionally. I hold dog contracts for new clients and show at any time my documentation. References can be provided.

My dog Misty the Labrador

My own Labrador Misty who is a female neutred and gets on well with other animals.

Pipsy and Sqweak

My old Guinea Pigs, I used to have.

Barry the Cavelier King Charles

A past customer I walked hourly.

Oscar the Labrador Puppy

A past client I used to look after

Fudge and Tigger

My former pets I had in the past

My Own Horse Bess

My Current Horse Bess


Established since 2015.

Fully Insured

DBS checked


Ripley, Woking, Surrey

GU23 6HJ




I strive to keep customers happy and am able to offer the following opening hours based on looking after your pets to answering queries.


Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 18:00

Saturday: 09:00 to 21:00

Sunday: 10:00 to 21:00

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